Pozdrav studentům z Ameriky

Pozdrav studentům z Ameriky

8.10.2013 | Mgr. Jitka Tichá

Dear students who remember me, :)

It feels so strange to be in the USA at this time of the year. It is the
season when I should meet new students and greet returning friends in the
Trading Center Classrooms. I consider the room with the soda drinks and
candy machine to be my own classroom which I gladly share with all who need
this space for rest or refreshment. :) I miss you, miss the preparing for
classes, miss the interaction with you. Thank you for your kindness in
welcoming this American last year.

The week before the July English Camp Nancy [my wife] was viciously attacked
by a wild hungry tick that liked the taste of human flesh and blood. This
nearly invisible insect infected Nancy with Borrelia also known as Tick or
Lyme disease. Maybe only Americans call it Lyme disease. This can be a
serious problem, affecting the brain, liver, joints, and emotions. Nancy
received great treatment in Svitavy, but I decided she needed to be with
family in the USA and brought her here. She is doing better...so much so
that after 56 days of antibiotics, she now seems to be borrelia free. Now
she will be treated for some of the damage done to her left leg.

Small joke.
TEACHER: How can you prevent diseases caused by biting insects?
TOM: Don't bite any.

It seems I will be back about Christmas time, probably between Christmas and
the new year. I hope to have time with you during the winter term.

I wish you a great autumn,
Dan Lupton, or Mr. Dan

TEACHER : Fred, your ideas are like diamonds.
FRED: You mean they're so valuable?
TEACHER: No, I mean they're so rare.

TEACHER: Fred, the story you handed in called "Our Dog," is exactly like
your brother's from two years ago.
FRED: Of course. It's the same dog.

TEACHER: Your spelling is much better. Only five mistakes that time.
PUPIL: Thank you.
TEACHER: Now let's go on to the next word.

TEACHER: Herman, name two pronouns.
PUPIL: Who, me?
TEACHER: Correct!